Posted by Maria Lennartz on Thursday, October 20, 2016

If you like being outdoors and think it is time to get into Shape then Get Physical have the perfect program for you!

Bootcamp, these exercise sessions have been developed by US Army Physical trainers and adapted for everyone to be able to use.

 It is an excellent opportunity to improve your fitness, it will assist if you are trying to lose weight or increase your strength and endurance.

 Bootcamp is a 6 week course that commences with some walking and running then gradually increases each week so that you are able to complete every section.

 There are always at least 2 Physical Instructors that can offer recommendations and assistance with the exercises, if you have any injuries or health problems, they will be able to give you options to make it harder or easier.

Their main objective is to help you to achieve your goals and at the end of the 6 weeks, you will feel the benefits.


Everyone that has completed the bootcamp program has had marked improvements in their fitness levels, many commenting that they have never felt better and often health problems like high/low blood pressure, headaches and asthma have been improved immensely.

 For many, especially, indoor workers, just being outside is therapeutic and the good team atmosphere makes it even more enjoyable.


So if you are after an exercise regime that will keep you on track, help you to look good and feel great, then this is the ideal program for you!

 Bootcamp starts on Monday 31st October at 6pm, it costs $149 for the full 6 week program and includes full Gym membership, if you have any queries or would like further information, call Get Physical on 89523233 or  0419 419 001

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