Chocolate the GOOD and the BAD ...

Posted by Maria Lennartz on Thursday, March 22, 2018
The good news 
Chocolate is rich in antioxidants which means that, as part of a balanced, varied diet, it can contribute to good health ...

Chocolate may lower cholesterol levels. Chocolate contains high levels of saturated fats, one of which is called stearic acid. Research shows that stearic acid does not raise blood cholesterol levels, while some studies have suggested that stearic acid may actually help the body break down cholesterol build up. 
Chocolate may make you live longer. A recent study of 7,800 males found that the chocolate eaters lived nearly a year longer than those who abstained.
Chocolate doesn't give you pimples Contrary to popular belief, chocolate doesn't cause acne. 
Chocolate won't rot your teeth Chocolate may actually protect your teeth – it contains substances that work to prevent the formation of cavities. Milk chocolate in particular appears to protect tooth enamel. 
Chocolate can give you an energy boost. An average chocolate bar has 15 to 30 mg of caffeine, in comparison to a cup of instant coffee, which has about 45 mg. 
Easter Tips  Don’t leave the chocolate in the fridge to call to you every time you open it! Give some away or let the kids eat it  Let friends and family know you are on a healthy eating plan and if they  want to give you a gift what about a good book or a massage   Eat good quality dark chocolate  Know the kilojoule value of what you are eating 
The bad news 
Chocolate is high in fat. Fifty-five percent of the calories in chocolate come from fat. In each 100 gram block of chocolate there are 30 grams of fat, or six teaspoons. 
Chocolate won't help your love life. Throughout history, chocolate has been considered an aphrodisiac.
Despite this kind of association, researchers haven't been able to identify anything in chocolate that arouses romantic intentions.