Getting into shape has never been easier!

Posted by Maria Lennartz on Thursday, June 18, 2015

Grab some friends and utilise the benefits of group training!


Benefits of group training:

-          You learn new exercises

-          The instructor pushes you

-          They hold you to a regular schedule

-          You can socialise and make new friends

-          The instructor can teach proper technique

-          They help build confidence and skills

-          They are fun!!!

Group training allows beginners to join a gym with no knowledge so they can learn as they go! There is no thinking required as the instructor leads you through the entire workout. You are told what to do, and how to do it. It literally takes the guess work out of everything! Because there are thousands of exercises out there, you aren't expected to know how to do them; that’s what we are here for! To show you new and exciting ways to work out and still enjoy it!

To avoid the mundane routine of training in the gym, group training is designed to be different and enticing; to stimulate your mind and body. There are always different classes on different days formulated by different instructors with their own ideas which allows each group training class to be unique. So if you're new to the gym or have been more times than you can count, just come in and start a class! Take regular breaks if you need to, don’t feel pressured to follow or keep up with everyone! You will warm into and when comfortable you can push yourself! And most of all don't forget you can ALWAYS ask for help!