Have you considered the benefits of cold-weather training??

Posted by Maria Lennartz on Thursday, June 21, 2018

Before you start to make excuses because of the cold and plan to pull over the blankets at 5.50am, you should consider the potential benefits of cold-weather training.

Aside from helping to ease the potential winter weight gain, exercising outdoors in colder weather has numerous health benefits. The average winter weight gain ranges from 2-10 kgs.


While many avoid the cold,  winter workouts are a great way to increase fitness.  If outside or even getting in and out at gym, the fresh air and sunlight can help to improve mood, decrease depression, can increase energy, lessen anxiety and keeps your body moving during the winter months. The winter exercise boosts immunity during cold and flu season, and the shivering acts as energy mechanism to produce heat, also burns a significant amount of calories J (Free fat burning while you just standing around)

While the cold weather may deter some from physical activity, working out in the cold has several advantages over warmer weather workouts.

In the cold, your body can regulate its temperature a little better. This means you can often exercise farther or longer; therefore, you can potentially burn even more calories.

To get you prepare for outdoor winter training you need to gather the right clothing.

While it’s cold and tempting to overdress to stave off the cold, there is no need too as your body will heat up even when it is freezing outside. The layers remain the best solution for exercising in the cold so they can be removed gradually when warming up and replaced if the body begins to cool off.