New years resolutions .... are they worth making?

Posted by Maria Lennartz on Sunday, January 14, 2018

The short answer is  YES .... researchers say that, despite the tough success rates, making a resolution is one of the best ways to actually make a change, particularly if realistic goals are set in the first place. Resolutions involve us moving our goals from mere contemplation to actions.

Want to know how to encourage yourself to keep going and peruse your New Year’s resolution of getting fitter and healthier? Check out these tips;

             Getting into the habit of exercise takes practice and time to build the habit .... it’s a bit like the Nike add “just do it” until it becomes your norm “Pre-planned” exercise in your week. A large part of the work needs to be on your mindset. This can prove trickier than the physical exercise, as our minds tend to resist change, and can conjure up any number of reasons for maintaining the status quo – even if that status quo is something with which you are not happy.

             Adjust your thinking. Taking the best care of yourself, through healthy lifestyle choices and enjoyable exercise, is the most rewarding form of preventative medicine there is. You and you alone are in charge of your mind, and with practice, you can adapt the way it thinks about anything – including exercise, and your approach to food.

             Take responsibility.  above all, act like a grown-up, and take responsibility. Keep your muscles strong, keep the range in your joints, move more efficiently and you will keep your body in shape and your mind sharp. Our transformation challenge focuses on strategies for maintaining motivation, focus and interest, and gives you new way to approach exercise that keeps you committed.

              Become passionate about exercise. It is so well worth it, and it’s the best natural way to enhance mood, reduce stress levels, build confidence and help fight depression. Creating a habit of exercise takes repetition, a little discipline to push past any initial resistance and a decision to commit to the process. Repetition builds a habit, and makes the new behaviour become a part of you.

             Be consistent in what you do. Put your exercise sessions in your diary and regard them as important appointments that you need to keep, like an important business meeting. You have a duty of care towards yourself to stay as healthy as you can.

        Dare a friend. It’s much easier to exercise with a partner . You are much less likely to bail out if you feel you are letting someone down.

        Drop the comparisons. It’s never helpful. There will always be someone fitter, stronger, in better shape or better looking than you – These people are not you, and they don’t have your life, your body or your concerns. Comparing yourself to others will only create anxiety and lead to endless negative thoughts. move beyond this, focusing on your own self-worth? Your choice. It’s really difficult to drop the urge to score yourself against others, but once you can do it, you’ll find it is a liberation, like putting down a heavy burden.


            Give it time ... seriously it’s not a quick fix .... how long did it take for you to get out of shape and out on a bit of weight I’ll bet it wasn’t 6 weeks. You need to give yourself time to get back into shape. As long as you are moving in the right direction you will get there so be patient and plan for the long haul.