Tips to stay on track over The Christmas Season

Posted by Maria Lennartz on Friday, December 8, 2017

'There's a strong undercurrent of 'but it's Christmas' mentality that is rife amongst us all. And while we do need to let our hair down and have fun during this time of year, we also need to look after our bodies. And no, Christmas is not an excuse to abuse it,'

If your goal is to stay fit and healthy through the festive season, then small changes go a long way. Never go back for seconds, no matter how tasty the buffet is. Eat slowly and enjoy every mouthful. It's easier not to over eat when you're mindful. If you can choose your food, don't deny yourself anything but allow the proportions of healthy food to be bigger than the unhealthy options.

Drink lots of water on a night out. Don't be afraid when your friends are offering to buy you drinks to ask for a sparkling water with some lemon. I always fall back on the 'tomorrow is a big day and I need to be on form' excuse.

Set aside at least 30 minutes of training everyday - walking, yoga, Tae Bo  HIIT, anything! Even a few minutes will get your metabolism pumping. On the days where you really don't have time, make sure to schedule in a short five minute meditation to focus on your body and slow down your breathing.

Find a buddy who will support you, even when it's hot out there, and schedule your workouts into your diary so the time is already set aside.
Finally set your goals and remember Christmas Day is not the whole month of December :)