Its time make the commitment

Winter is a great time to get involved in an exercise plan that will keep you moving, keep you warm AND help Keep off those sneaky winter Kilos. We will help you  with exercise sessions, meal planning and monitoring of your progress.

Meet like minded people, Make new friends and Challenge yourself ...

We will be running another Challenge later in the year so stay tuned or let us know you are interested by filling out the form below.

Whats included?
  • Your initial assessment.
  • Allocated into one of 2 teams with Helen and Charmaine as the trainers.
  • Goal setting.
  • Exercise plans.
  • 3 exclusive early morning training sessions with your group.
  • Meal Plans.
  • Weekly  contact and support.

Cost  For Get Physical members $160

For non members $290  This includes full access to the gym  from 0600 to 1900 and access to all our classes and sessions.

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