Friends that play together stay together.

Find your why.

 Not sure if my story is the same or different. My wife’s story is very much part of my story. Happy spouse, happy house they say. I found that you can't do things on your own. Together you’ll grow stronger, or together you’ll grow weaker.

 I had to start. No one was going to do it for me.

 I made a conscious decision to stop allowing barriers to stand in my way. To stop imagining and creating them.  I had a watershed moment .....found my why and that allowed me to clear away most barriers.  Without being selfish, I chose a time that was the least inconvenient to anyone and went to the gym Everyday...and I kept adding to the exercises  and became stronger.

 What I found was that giving myself permission also gave my wife permission. Empowering myself allowed her to empower herself. We were both silently holding each other back, stuck in old patterns. Now free to make our choices, we both made the same choice, to be stronger, healthier.

 We both want the best for each other and so are there to help each other. Now I ride my bike 100kms most Saturdays, we do 2-3 hit classes together, I ride my mountain bike and we take our kids bushwalking most weekends.  I don't know what’s next.....but I’m looking forward to living it.


My journey began about 4 years ago, weighing in at 126kg.  I was unfit, unhealthy, and had high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  I had a very negative self image and believed change was just too hard for me.

One school holidays I took our daughter away to Melbourne.  The seatbelt on the plane barely fit,  and on this trip I went clothes shopping with my mother in law and I had to buy XXL from a Plus Sized shop.  This was when I decided things needed to change.

I set about eating healthy and trying to lose weight, but I knew I needed support, so I reached out and joined Get Physical.  I turned up, and stood in the door nervous as anything expecting to be judged for being so big.  But.... Maria saw me and said “Well your at the door, don’t just stand there, come in!” 

Four years later, I can honestly say I am different person.  I have learnt that with consistency results follow.  Every day is choice.  Motivation comes and goes, but if we have an attitude that reflects consistency as a goal, choosing to eat right, choosing to turn up for gym classes, we can truly accomplish great things! 

 So far I have lost over 40kg, and I’m not finished.  With the help of programs at Get Physical such as The Transformation Challenge, Bootcamp and an Online Running Program, I have achieved a healthy body and more importantly a healthy mind.

 I would encourage anyone, do not let excuses get in your way.

  • I’m too big
  • I don’t know what to wear
  • I will be judged
  • I’m too busy
  • My kids need my time......

The list goes on.  I nearly didn’t turn up on my first day at the gym, as I was so anxious about what clothes I could actually wear and I didn’t want to feel embarrassed.  If you truly want to change, you can.  Everyone deserves to be healthy.  Make the choice and go for it.  It will take time and effort.  But it’s so worth it.

Trust these guys at Get Physical they will help you get there:)


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